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A Small Description Of SkyDragon
SkyDragon is a fun down-to-earth guild. We do not see ourselves as the gods of the server, and we do not act as cocky as many other TW guilds on here.

We are led by Cory, currently his sin is MrSage. Our guild focuses on being a TW/PK guild dedicated to being a great family at the same time. We accept all active players with their gear as Lava+. We currently accept all classes, so if you think your class may not be accepted, you're wrong.

We are a strictly family style guild. Therefore, we are very exclusive guild. Do not feel bad if you are denied access from the application, because then you can just attempt to submit another application in a weeks time from the original date. Please take into consideration that due to our exclusivity, we have a smaller amount of members, however that smaller amount of members is all a small dedicated team of players all of whom we trust and rely on as a whole.